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Who Wants A $15 iTunes Gift Card?

you can thank J.Good January 23, 2013 7 Comments

Who said $15 doesn’t go a long way?!?! I have a $15 iTunes gift card waiting on someone to claim. So the next question you may be asking is how can I get it in my possession. Well that’s simple. Just comment on this post. Be sure to add your name and real email address (that’s if you really want the gift card). I will pick one at random and boom that’s it! $15 worth of iTunes. Yep its that easy. Good luck!

  • Raviteja

    I want it please……..

  • Rod23

    Consider it mines!!!!

  • oooh, a giveaway! Pick me, pick me!

  • Edtrooper

    Awesome. Here we go. I’ts mine!

  • J.Good

    Congrats Jenn,

    You won a $15 iTunes gift card. That was easy right?!? So what’s next? Nothing, just wait for us to send your gift card by email. Also if you haven’t already please like us on Facebook and add us on Twitter. We need your support, so tell a friend to tell a friend.

  • Angie

    ohhhhhh…. i missed it! tell meh the next givaway and ill be there!

    • J.Good

      Be sure to Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more chances to win. Next contest coming soon!